You need a facebook group for dogs? Thankfully we were looking around and found some groups for you! Here are our list of 10 most active facebook dog groups in 2018 that you can join.

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1.Dog Tips and Humors

One of the biggest reasons to join Dog tips and humor is  big community for all dog lover’s who like to express the funny things their dogs do and or post some pictures of their dogs. And is great way to learn new things from other dog owners!

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2.Dog Everywhere

Dog Everywhere ​is facebook group created for all dog lover’s who like to express everything about their dogs. Also to offer helpful tips of interest to all dog lover’s around the world!

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3.Dog Lovers Philippines

Dog Lovers Philippines is facebook group where you can feel free to post pictures and stories of your dogs in our forum…comments, advise, instructions, ideas and opinions are welcome. Ads are limited to dogs for rehoming, adoption or sale… is accepted but you can’t post the non-dog items on the wall.  They allow members to decide how to post their ads…you can post as much information of what you are selling to make it easier for all potential buyers there!

4.Dogs Make Life Better

Dogs Make Life Better is facebook group  for all dog lovers that love to share their dog pictures, videos and story. This facebook group will help you to get in touch with all dog lovers around the world and get some advices  or tips that may help you to care for your dogs in right way!

5.Love My Dog

Love My Dog is one of the kind group for everyone who loves their dog and wants to make the world a better place.  Your annual member ship fee is 1 tree planted, one dog that isn’t yours fed. Please care for the street animals and your neighbors too!

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6.Dog Lovers ‘League

The Dog Lovers’ League was established to help homeless dogs (strays) meet their basic needs until a forever, loving home can be found for them.  Although we know it is an impossible task to help all dogs, we know that the ones we are able to help greatly appreciate it.

7.Dog Advice and Appreciation

Dog Advice and Appreciation  is group for dog owners, dog professionals, and dog lovers. It’s a great place for people that love to be friendly and talk with other dog owners all around the world! Anyway if you are looking for Facebook group where you can ask for advices and tips for your dog this is where you can go!

8.Dog Care and Advice Pakistan

Dogs are our best friends right? Well Dog Care and Advice Pakistan i one of the best support group for all dog and puppy owners. And great place  where you can meet new people and ask if you need some help!

This is Image of Newfoundland Dog

9.Newfoundland Dog Lovers

The Newfoundland Dog Lovers is a large, strong Facebook community, about all Newfoundland Lovers. They make great family dogs, especially for families with children. If the family likes to swim or lives near water then the Newfoundland will be in heaven. They make good watchdogs and are affectionate and loyal toward their families.

This is Image of Greyhound Dog

10.Greyhound Tips

One of the biggest reasons to join Greyhound Tips group is the visibility and  opportunities they offer for Greyhounds Dog Owners. It’s a great way to be in the know, and I always share tips and advices in them. And I can say that’s best way to learn new things!


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