Don’t know how to make simple balanced dog diet at home?

Don’t worry here are some tips that will help you out and teach you how to make simple balanced dog diet. MyPuppyCare® will explain you what should you need to cook balanced dog diet and what exactly, contain ?

How to Make Simple Balanced Dog Diet
Simple Balanced Balanced Diet

Basics before you start you need to know:

According to the pet food industry association of Australia balanced food that you feed your dog must provide this 4 essentials:

  1. Energy
  2. Proteins and other minor nutrients
  3. Fats, including essential fatty acids
  4. Vitamins, minerals, and essential micro-nutrients


Prepackaged foods that you purchase for your dog should contain the above 4 essentials in the proper quantities and ratios. Also when you’re shopping for dog food, we recommends checking the labeling closely. Look for a statement indicating that the food has been prepared to the standards of an internationally recognized organization such as the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).


  1. Nutritional concentration of the food should be such that your dog’s nutritional needs are met by eating a reasonable volume of the food. Your dog’s stools should be well formed, not loose, as an indication of the proper nutritional density of the food.
  2. It’s gotta taste good! In that way your dog will eat it. Your dog should look forward to eating the food. Food that’s just sniffed in disappointment and not eaten obviously has NO nutritional benefit!

Dog Diet


This days dood revolution has touched humans and animals. And more natural diet can be very healthy for your pet, more environmentally friendly and if done correctly, nutritionally balanced and better for dental and digestive health. But before you jump into feeding your dog healthy, there are a few important factors to consider.

Reason why many people find pre-packaged foods convenient is that there is less worry because in order to make a nutritious home-cooked diet, approximately 50 ingredients are necessary. Variety is key.

  1. Avoid to give sulphur preservatives to your dogs, they lead to thiamine deficiency and have been linked to allergies.
  2. Mince should not be fed raw, just as you would never eat a raw hamburger (other meats are okay raw).
  3. Never cook bones to your dogs.
  4. Wash you food before cooking hygiene is very important.
  5. Ideally your dog’s eating the meat off the bone. Because when they feed with bones, from hard beef shin bones can fracture teeth.
  6. Dogs that eat predominantly meat and bones will often become constipated. Make sure they are getting fibre! Feed vegies, oat bran or psyllium husks if your dog is prone to constipation.
  7. Also try ti avoid adding salt to your dog’s food, they don’t have taste buds developed for salty food, so this little flavour-addition is lost on them.
  8. Avoid onions, garlic and stock powders that contain these things.
    If you aren’t sure if the diet your dog is eating is balanced, consider adding a multivitamin by yourself.

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Some of pets do not tolerate a home cooked, high-meat diet and insisting that dogs are basically wolves and should be fed a pure carnivorous diet is narrow-minded. However, this doesn’t mean they should be eating out of the rubbish! We need to try to learn our dog’s to eat variety of foods.

Remember that when you are searching on internet for diet that not everything you read is necessarily true. So here we want to provide a balanced view so that you can make your own informed choices. Because everyone want to feed the best food you can afford to buy, make or prepare in your busy lifestyle but always try your best.


You may asking is it necessary to feed our dog’s entirely processed food or entirely raw food. Variety is key and you need to closely observe. Some dog’s can’t tolerate processed foods, some can’t tolerate raw diets.

However many pets, a combination of the two is convenient and achieves many outcomes. So ideally we need feedyour pet a good quality dry food as a base. This ensures all the basic micronutrients they need are covered. Then add in some daily raw meaty bones. This will give your dog a healthy teeth and nice solid logs of faeces etc.


Most of the problems are feeding pre-packaged foods particularly canned foods because when he eat canned foot he doesn’t chew the food because food is already soft or in tiny pieces and it easily can get in his teeth and gums are not getting cleaned.Dental disease is incredibly common and unfortunately diseased teeth lead to disease and chronic infections elsewhere in the body.

If you feed your dog raw meat or raw meaty bones main benefit your pet’s teeth are for cutting meat off bones, so as they chew the meat flosses their teeth and keeps their gums healthy. So you need to get your dog something every day that needs thorough chewing that will keep his teeth healthy.


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