“A dog is a man’s best friend.”

We all aspire to have one to cuddle us and shows the unconditional love towards us. However, when you bring a dog into your house, you have to accept him unconditionally even the dog barking. Some dogs bark less. However, there are several whose barking may drive you bananas.

If you have a dog who keeps on barking fiercely, then here are some real-life tips and tricks, which not only calm down your canine but also have a complete bark control. Along with many dog barking techniques, there are some excellent dog barking collars available on the market.

A dog may bark from one of the several reasons, including, attention seeking barking, territorial barking, compulsive barking, alarm barking and friendly barking. Let’s have a look at various methods to control dog barking efficiently.

Bark Control method for dog barking

There are following methods that you can utilized to overcome the dog barking in an efficient manner.

  • Use the sight barriers to kill the curiosity:

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A dog may bark to claim the territory whenever he feels some stranger in soundings. They may also do so by sensing any potential danger. However, they have the habit of barking at the unknown persons.

  • The best way to stop such territorial or alarm induce barking is to limit the dogs’ sightline to a few barking triggers.
  • Protect your home by installing security devices and cameras instead of entirely relying on your canine for that purpose.

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Allow him a quiet zone:

Your dog may bark out of separation anxiety. So whenever you are leaving home, set up a quiet zone for him far away from the front door. A dog quite friend zone may include:

Comfy bed with stuffed toys and making a noise machine to set the left alone anxiety.


When you bought a dog in your house, you make a promise to take care of him under all circumstances. If your canine needs help with the barking issue, you have to train them accordingly. There are various training techniques available to set few triggers for him to bark and to stop unreasonable dog barking.

  • Use your mind, body, and calmness and create an invincible wall which your dog is not allowed to cross.

Keep yourself calm while trying to stop barking

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Keep yourself calm while trying to stop barking

An excessively and unreasonably barking dog could be a pain in your ass. However, with the continuous training, you can have complete control over dog barking. But I order to attain that peace of mind you have to keep yourself calm and compose during the training session.

Unnecessary affection and love during training may sabotage the purpose of training in the first place.

Involve your canine in mental and physical exercise:

It is a wise saying that “A tired dog is a good dog.” The more your dog is physically and mentally tired, the more it will stay calm in the house.

Devise various mentally and physically challenging exercises for your canine to not only keep him busy but also healthy and active.

Bark control and anti-stress devices:

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Bark control and anti-stress devices:

Excessive Barking could be a nerve-wracking thing if that happens in a daily routine. If you have tried all the techniques and tricks to calm down your dog and to control the dog barking yet fail, then it is the time to have the expert assistant.

With the advancement of technology, there are various gadgets and devices available in the market which can help you to control dog barking. Some of the most promising tools are mentioned below:

Ultrasonic anti-bark birdhouse:

The leading technology behind these enclosures is that they produce ultrasound sounds which are unpleasant for the dogs, which keep them distracted from barking. However, this technique is not for all canines. Some dogs are sensitive to such voices while others pay no hive at all.

Barking control dog collars

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Barking control dog collars:

If you want to startle your dog from barking excessively over nothing, then the best way would be to use a dog collar for controlling barking. These dog collars are available in various colors and sizes, so choose the size according to your dog’s measurements. There is much stress releasing collars are available on the market as well. These collars calm down the stressed out dog and help him to overcome anxiety induced barking.

Anxiety jackets:

An exemplary device to not only soothes the tension of the dog, but also to calm down overstimulation and compulsive barking is the anxiety jacket.  The calmness comes by gently exerting the pressure to not only calm the anxiety, but to too sort over excitement and fear.

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Hire a professional for the job

There are various dog trainers available in the market. They are not only highly professional but also utterly educated. They not only soothes your dog but also assist you in the proper training of your canine. Whenever you have to face a situation where your dog used to bark a lot and where no technique proves useful, then it is time to have professional help.

A professional dog trainer will assist you to apply desensitization techniques. These techniques are the most useful way to get your dog accustomed to the barking triggers and to stop barking ultimately. However, you have to keep in mind that the training of a pet takes time, patience and energy, but trust me the rewards are worth pain bearing.

Barking could prove a real pain in the ears. However, the combination of the right tools and techniques will aid you to overcome this problem and to bond more affectionately with your pet. The use of the methods mentioned above is the best way to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with your canine. By training dog when to bark and when to stay quiet is the real reward for the hard work and dedicated training.

So if you are planning to have a dog in your house, or if you already have one so try these simple yet effective tricks to make him listen to you and to set your rank above him.


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