What is obedience training ?

Well as we know lots of dogs have no manners, and their owners don’t know what to do to teach them some manners. So  here come obedience training is a term which is mostly used for basic dog commands. It presents basic commands such as “sit,” “down,” “come,” and “stay” to “high-five” and etc.

Training a dog in obedience can be an ongoing and hard process depending on the dog, and the methods used, and the skills of  the owner/trainer. The level of obedience that owner wishes to achieve with his dog is also a major factor in the time involved, as is the commitment to training with his dog!

Why obedience training is so important?

Obedience training is important because it can solve a lot of problems and bad behaviors that exist in your dog. Many people think that obedience training is something that is done to a dog to make it perform some artificial activity on command. But if we turn the words around, we’ll be closer to a real definition:

Obedience training is to train dogs to be obedient, to obey anything and everything they’re told to do.

Obedience covers a wide range of lessons a dog can learn, including tricks, family manners, show ring exercises, and skills demonstrations.  We all know it dogs spoke the same language as us would be easier to teach them.  But as it not so. Dogs have their own attitudes, language and mindset. They can be stubborn, dominant, submissive, or fearful, characteristics that can make them difficult to train.

That’s why we need to try to help them by teaching them some manners!


How to deal with bad behavior problems of your dog?

Have you been dealing with some bad dog behavior lately? Well trust me, we’ve all been through this.  Firstly it’s important to realize that dogs (are just like babies) they are not born bad. Dogs are influenced by their surroundings as well as their interactions with others. And the fact is… bad dog behaviors are almost always the result of the dog’s upbringing.

So what can cause your dog bad behavior ?

Let’s be serious here dog’s bad behavior could be due to inconsistent or bad dog training. Or simply your dog can be uncomfortable in certain situations for one reason or another. But as we know one thing is for sure, if we don’t communicate consistent  and clear message at all times, then our little furry friends will become confused about what is expected of them and maybe they will be uncertain about their limits!

Here is some list of most common bad dog habits (Click on links below if you want to read more🡓)

Dog Trainer

Easy ways that can help you out to improve and keep your dog in good behavior.

Some puppies are isolated, and they are compromised the ability to trust people and tolerate everyday life in adoptive homes. However not all dogs become fearful as result of cruelty. Some of them need more socialization, to develop their good behavior and to get more confident at their owners! The good news is there are easy ways to help them to overcome this problems at home.

That’s why we decided to list up some tips and ideas that will help you to deal with it!

Check with a veterinarian. First thing to do, especially if you notice some new fearful behavior, is to take your dog to the vet’s for exam. Because vet is the only person who can help you out to find out problems that can cause your dog discomfort and anxious behavior.

Be patient it can take some time! If you bringing your dog home for first time, it may need him some time to settle in.. One sucessful treatment plan is slowly and gently to help him to overcome his fear especially great way is letting him to meet new people or your friends. After that its’s important at beggining to spend more time with your dog, that way he will have more confidence in you and will trust you more than before.

Understand your pet. If you already decided to adopt a fearful dog, speak to shelter staff who know the dog well. Ask what provokes the dog’s fear before bringing him/her home. Also consider how the dog’s personality matches your lifestyle expectations. If you frequently host parties or attend public events, a dog who’s afraid of strangers, busy environments or loud noises may not be a good fit.

Give your dog something to chew. If you planning to leave your dog alone when you’re not home you should consider to fill his area with toys and chews.That will keep his attention and it will prevent him to form some bad habits. the Rehab Center, we see many overcome even extreme fear and go on to happy lives in new homes. If you give him the mental and physical exercise he needs, consistent feedback and lots of rewards for good behavior, he’ll show you what a loving, loyal companion he can be.

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Which are basic commands that you can teach your dog?

We’re looking at tricks that any dog lover and owner can teach his or her canine companion some of the tricks achievable with time patience and lots of practice.  Only tricks from the list are the truly over-the-top type of tricks that can only be taught by professionals also they aren’t considering the classic standards like sit stay down etc.

Having a trained dog isn’t the same as having a balanced dog, but if your dog knows a few basic commands, it can be helpful when tackling problem behaviors.

Here is some list of basic dog commands (Click on links below if you want to read more🡓)

Most Common Dog Health Problems and Solutions

Keep on mind to teach your dog some of this advanced commands in feature.

Before you decide to teach your dog some advanced commands, your puppy need to know basic commands especially when he is young, that makes advanced training much easier—many intermediate commands require your dog to perform one or more basic commands as a starting point. Remember it will need a lot of time for your dog to master this advanced training commands!

They will really need you if you and your pet participate in many activities like dog sports, dog service, competition obedience, etc. Even if you do not do any of those activities, some are very useful for every family dog.

This is image of Samoyed Dog Breed

What is benefits of having a dog companionship?

Through the ages man has called dog one of his closest companions dog share 99% of their DNA with wolves. However dogs exude a sense of warmness to other dogs and humans unlike the wolf’s reaction to others dogs are social pack animals who require attention and affection just like humans dogs are cute happy loyal to put this simply dogs are awesome.

If you could work your entire life to be happy and still never attain to the level it’s time you adopt a homeless pup who is sure to change your life for the happy you because a dog is one absolutely unselfish friend a man can have!

Physical benefits of dog companionship:

  • Increase longevity after heart attacks. Dog ownership increases the odds for survival in persons who have had a heart attack from 1 in 15 to 1 in 87.
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides. People with pets have been found to have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels when compared to people who did not have pets, even when matched for weight, diet, and smoking habits.
  • Increase physical activity and functioning. People who own pets often have better physical health due to the need to exercise and care for their pets.
  • Alert to hypoglycemia. There are also animals who alert their owners to episodes of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which allows the owner to correct the level before serious symptoms develop.

Emotional benefits of dog companionship:

  • Relax and reduce everyday stress. Pets can help us relax and focus our attention away from our problems and worries.
  • Lift our mood and feel less lonely. Pets decrease our feelings of loneliness and isolation by providing companionship to all generations.
  • Have something to care for. Everyone needs to feel needed and have something to care for. Many elderly citizens or people living alone will tell you their pet gives them a reason for living.
  • Keep active. Having a pet can help us remain more active. We may not only get more exercise from walking a dog, but we also increase our activity through feeding, grooming, and otherwise caring for our pet.
  • Have consistency. Pets provide some consistency to our lives. Caring for a pet can significantly affect our routine and gives us something to do and look forward to each day.

Social benefits of dog companionship:

  • Create a sense of closeness and well-being. Families surveyed before and after they acquired a pet reported feeling happier after adding a pet to the family.
  • Offer a topic of conversation. A study in a veteran’s hospital showed that the residents had more verbal interactions with each other when a dog was present in the room than when there was no dog present. Dogs were also shown to increase socialization among persons with Alzheimer’s disease in a Special Care Unit of a nursing home.
  • Promote interaction. Residents in long-term care facilities were more likely to attend activity sessions when an animal was going to be present.

This is Image of Good Behavior Labrador Dog

Good Luck!

Remember that training  your dog and keeping him in good behavior is an ongoing process. You will never be completely finished.  So most important is to keep working on obedience training throughout the life of your dog teach him some basic commands or advanced and be his best friend!


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