Are you tired of watching you dog sleeping or laying all day long? But you don’t know how to deal with lazy dog, well don’t worry too much this can happen to everyone. We have some tips and advices that will help you out to deal with it! 🙂

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Is your dog really getting lazy ?

Well we know that dogs love a good snooze just like us. But when they do that constantly, it mean that they are getting lazy lately. Lack of exercise can lead to weight problems, digestive issues and destructive, attention-getting behavior. Mental stimulation, through obedience training and food-puzzle toys, is important when getting your dog moving.

What you need to do:

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Take your dog to a veterinarian.

Before you decide to fix your dog laziness, first important thing you need to do is take him to vet and find out the cause why he is getting lazy lately. Because sometimes it can be caused by various problems like suffering from depression if someone went away, heart worms or uterine infection. Also your dog may have nutrition deficiencies from an unbalanced diet. Whatever is the cause, a veterinarian can give you best advice and medicine to help that will help you to clear the problem.

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Improve your dog’s diet and his eating habits.

Improving your dog diet and his eating habits its very important, but before that you need to take a close look at your dog diet and his eating habits, and report these to the vet. After that your vet will take a look at all ingredients that you included in your dog diet! This will help him to find out which ingredients are reacting negatively to your dog, and it may recommend you food for your dog that contains the optimum amount of fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Take him on regular daily exercising.

Sometimes it hard to get your unmotivated dog attention! But dogs really need some regular exercising, daily walking and running etc. Always take consideration about your dog’s age, size and breed! For example, an older Labradoodle is prone to arthritis and hip dysplasia, so a 10-minute walk might be sufficient. Short walks and smaller bouts of play are best for a bulldog or pug. Because he can have difficulty breathing, especially in warm weater this is mostly caused by his flat nose.

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Play more games with him that will make him to become more active.

Playing games with your dog is good way to encourage him to become more active then usually. But first you might need to try to play several variety of games using some toys to find out his interest.Even you can challenge him by playing games like fetch the stick, ball and if he chase it and return, don’t forget to reward him with low calorie treats that will keep him motivated!

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Challenge him mentally by offering him food-filled puzzle dog toys.

Another way to challenge your dog mentally by offering him food-filled puzzle dog toys. You can also have him “Work” for his meals, in that way he will scatter his dinner over the lawn and have him sniff out his food by himself. If you need some more tips let us know in comments down bellow!


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