The world has hailed rescuers who saved an adorable puppy from a terrible fate. Caught on camera, kind-hearted men in Thailand battled to free the young pooch after it became trapped inside an extremely narrow piece of pipe. This is Most Dramatic Puppy Rescue by Emergency workers  watch this video: 

It takes a lot of courage to keep going when things seems impossible. In situations like this it can be hard to keep up hope but sometimes that hope is all you have… especially when lives are on the line!

Group of Emergency workers  in Thailand refused found puppy stucked in pipe. Then they decided to help him and get them out by cutting the pipe to free the puppy’s body, and then they greased up his head, managing to slide him out.

Eventually, after a lot of metal cutting and puppy soaping, the gorgeous mutt escaped his cage and was washed down by the group.  The puppy was a little shaken up, but was otherwise OK. The rescuers gave him a rinse down after freeing him. 


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