Is Regular Vaccinations good for you dog?

Well taking regular vaccinations for your dog’  immune system is an amazing thing. It is designed to keep him healthy by destroying the bacteria and viruses that can make him ill. It also has a very good memory, and this is why vaccination is so effective.

Most of vaccinations keep your dog injected with the actual organisms that cause disease. Some vaccines don’t contain any organisms instead contain some structural proteins that have been isolated from them. If your dog become naturally infected, his body will quickly mount an immune response and is more likely to be able to fight the disease.


Recommend vaccines for dogs can be divid intro two: core and non-core vaccines.

What did they include ?

  1. Distemper – can get your dog viral disease that causes a runny nose. Fatally is often for dogs that survive usually have ongoing health issues for the rest of their life.
  2. Infectious Canine Hepatitis – is one of most viral disease that causes fever, bleeding disorders and liver disease. This can be highly contagious for your dog’s and the virus is able to survive in the environment for months. Also this may be shed in the urine of recovered dogs for up to 6 months. and can spread the disease throughout a neighbourhood.
  3. Canine Parvovirus – well we all know it as a virus thay causes vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, dehydration and death in dogs of all ages. This will make for your organism very difficult to kill to survives freezing and hot temperatures, it may remain infectious in the ground for up to 7 months.

How did non-core vaccines protect dogs against diseases that may not be life threatening but still cause illness. Usually we gave this type of vaccines to dogs that are at risk of those diseases, either because of their physical location or their lifestyle.

If your dog need serious treatment from potentially fatal diseases. It’s right for you to take core vaccines that will keep your dog to backup and be healthy again!

The non-core vaccinations in dogs are:

How Canine Parainfluenza and Bordetella Bronchiseptica viruses can causes some bad problems to your dog?

  1. Well i believe you dont know that this two organisms are responsible for causing kennel cough, and contagious respiratory illness that can last for several weeks. Usually this spreads readily where dogs congregate. Do you neeed to protect your dog from this viruses ? If you let you dog to go in places likeparks, obedience clubs or boarding kennels, it’s worth protecting him against it.
  2. What is Leptospirosis and what can cause ? This isn’t any of a common disease, but when it occurs, it can make a dog very ill with kidney disease. it can occur large numbers of wild rats, mostly dog’s are exposed to rat urine. Also dogs that live on sugar cane farms or other places with large rat populations may have benefit from being vaccinated against leptospirosis.

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You only need to take core vaccines in every 3 year, but non-core need to be often booster on yearly to maintain your dog’s protection. Don’t understand us wrong this doesn’t mean that you should only take your dog to the vet every 3 years we suggest you to take your dog on regullar vet checks so in that way you will keep him healthy.


So vaccination is important in controlling a number of serious, contagious and potentially fatal diseases of dogs. All dogs should be vaccinated with the core vaccines, 2 to 3 times as a puppy then 3 yearly as an adult.

Whether or not your dog should be vaccinated against non-core diseases you should discuss between your vet he will give you some better advices and he will tell you do you need to vaccinate your dog or not from non-core diseases .

You can learn some more tips and advices to keep your dog healthy here!


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