Have you noticed that dog eat grass and a lot of weird things like: – shoes, tennis balls, literally anything as soon as you drop it on the floor. So should you let your dog eat grass  or no ?

So, why do dog eat grass sometimes?

Firstly, just because your dog is munching away at some grass from time to time does not mean you should worry. What is trophy hunting and why is it legal? Dog’s aren’t strictly carnivores, and can get nutrients from food sources other than meat, including berries, vegetables, and even grass. However the most likely reason your dog is eating grass is because he or she has a poorly stomach.

Is eating grass dangerous to dogs?

Eating grass in and of itself is not dangerous to dogs at all. Your dog will be able to select the type of grass that he eats, and will know what to avoid as part of this selection process. However, you should also pay some mind to the grass that your dog is eating, and avoid allowing them to eat grass in any areas that may have been treated with pesticides or other chemicals.

Also, if slugs or snails are rife within the grass, inadvertent consumption of these creatures could possibly lead to lungworm, a potentially serious condition in dogs.

Why Dog Eat Grass

What if my dog is regularly eating grass?

OK, so if little Rex is spends more time eating the park than playing in it, he might be trying to add a little roughage to his diet. Again, this is completely fine and it not hurting your dog, but you might want to change up their doggy-diet a little bit.

Should you prevent your dog from eating grass? The simple answer to this question is “NO” grass eating is normal behaviour for dogs, even when accompanied by vomiting. Eating grass can aid in digestion, and may in fact have various benefits for dogs that consume a small amount of it on a regular basis.

Keep an eye on the patterns of your dog’s grass eating behaviour and talk to your vet if your dog’s grass eating often leads to vomiting but otherwise relax!


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