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Top 10 Bad Foods That Can Hurt Your Dog!

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Here are Top 10 Bad Foods That Can Hurt Your Dog!

You may ask yourself what are top 10 bad foods that can hurt your dog. Well we know that Dogs love to eat. The problem is that some of your favorite foods are simply no good for them so we would need to learn how to protect them and give them special dog food or prepare special diets. We have some recipes and food tips for you.

Our dogs likes snacks, however we like to snacks too. Well we mostly share our snacks with our dogs because we can’t resist to their puppy-dog eyes when they look at us. Unfortunately our dogs can’t eat certain things that we eat because they can cause some problems to them like sick tummy an emergency visit to the veterinary clinic or worse,  MyPuppyCare® created a list of foods that are bad for your dogs this will help you out to protect you dogs.

Chocolate | Top 10 Bad Foods That Can Hurt Your Dog!


Did you know that chocolate is bad for dogs ? Well i bet you haven’t know here are why:

So i bet you are asking yourself how can chocolate cause your dog’s problems. Inside of Chocolate have theobromine which is a chemical that is related to caffeine and is mostly finded in tea and chocolate. It is poisonous to many animal species, including dogs and cats. Anyway parents with pets are need to be aware that chocolate is not good for their dogs, even if they have never heard of a toxin themselves.

Some people will tell you that the risk of teobromine poisoning is overvalued and that chocolate is not so dangerous, especially for larger dogs.

The danger is calculated by body weight. If your dog eats a little chocolate cake or half a dozen chocolate chips that fell on the floor while you are baking, it will probably be fine. But if you give your dog regular chocolate greatly

Top 10 Bad Foods That Can Hurt Your Dog! | Candys


I know that most people know that sweets and chewing gum that is bad for their dogs but it have people that haven’t known about this. So this will explain you why is bad to give sweets and chewing gum to your dogs

Candies, chewing gums, and specialty dental products have Xylitol inside them which is used as sweetener.It’s found naturally in many food plants, although commercial xylitol is usually made from corn husks and Dupont Chemical makes theirs from hardwood. This sweetener is generally considered safe for human consumption.  But it is very poisonous for our dogs.

Top 10 Bad Foods That Can Hurt Your Dog! | Onions


Don’t worry onions are good to give to your dogs but in small doses but if you give them in high doses it will cause some big problems. You need to know if you give onions in high doses for long term to your dogs it can causes damage to the red blood cells. This is true of the entire onion family, including leeks, chives, shallots, and so on. Lilies, daffodils, tulips and the like are also best kept out of your dog’s reach.

Top 10 Bad Foods That Can Hurt Your Dog! | Coffee


I bet you all already know that is bad to give coffee to your dogs but anyway we want to explain you why is bad: A moment ago, we discussed Theobromine.  Caffeine causes the same kinds of problems, but worse. So keep your dog away from coffee, mocha, cappuccino, coffee-flavoured anything, chocolate-covered coffee beans, energy drinks, and colas.



Why can be grapes be poisonous to dogs. Unfortunately, we don’t know what exactly the toxin is, or why they cause problems, and therefore it is impossible to predict how many grapes it would take to kill the pet. To be safe, if your dog has eaten any grapes, rush him to the vet. If the vet can treat him before his kidneys are damaged, the dog can often be saved.

Raisins are nothing more or less than dried grapes It shouldn’t be any surprise that while grapes are bad, raisins are worse.



Why we suggest you to don give macadamia nuts to your dog?  Macadamia nuts are another odd one. According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, dogs are the only animals for which macadamia nuts are poisonous and it isn’t known what makes the nuts dangerous. Usually, macadamias only make the dog sick, but in combination with some chocolate, they can kill him.



You shouldn’t be surprised that alcohol isn’t good for your dog. It’s actually poisonous to us, too, if enough is consumed, and most dogs are smaller than the average adult human.


Certainly, there are some mushrooms that won’t hurt your dog, but mushrooms are tricky. Some species are safe if grown in one area but not safe if they are grown somewhere else, and some are only safe if they are not combined with certain other ingredients. Also, the signs of mushroom poisoning can take a day or more to show up. So we suggest you to be careful with giving mushrooms to your dogs.



Avacado poses two risks to dogs. The first one is simply that the pit is large and round. This means that it poses a choking hazard, and, if it is swallowed, it could cause an impaction (“plug”) further along the digestive line.

Second risk is actual poisoning. The Merck Veterinary Manual only reports two dogs running into heart problems as a result of persin poisoning, but the risk is there, and not all pet poisonings make it into Merck’s records.

Safe Food


Your dog is a scavenger and he loves to eat anything he even suspects of being food, but keep him safe by sticking to safe foods hide bad food from him even if he wants to eat something that he cant. Our opinion is to be careful and if you want you can cook special dog foods that are healthy for your dogs.

If you want to share bites from your dinner, choose the parts that are good for him: plain rice, cooked meats etc. Even better, give him a yummy dog snack such as a “bacon” treat or a canine cookie.


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