Who doesn’t love a great dog movie?

When I was growing up I watched every dog movie I could find, and as an adult I still gravitate towards movies with a dog on the cover. One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is to cuddle up on the couch with my dog and watch a light-hearted dog movie. It doesn’t get more relaxing than that.

If you’re looking for some fun unforgettable dog movies to watch you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top 6 movie picks that you will definitely love!

Turner & Hooch

Comedy, Crime, Drama

Released by Touchstone Pictures in 1989, Turner & Hooch is easily one of the most essential buddy-cop movies––despite the fact that one partner is a dog.

Though there are some sad moments, the film is a basically heartwarming story about a neat freak (Tom Hanks) warming to a slobbery dog in true Odd Couplefashion. Turner & Hooch also received mixed reviews while still doing well at the box office, and it has become a part of pop-culture history with a nod in television shows like Scrubs and Castle.

AIR BUD (1997)

Comedy, Drama, Family

As the tagline for the film states, “He sits. He stays. He shoots. He scores.” The story revolves around a lonely young boy who’s too shy to try out for the basketball team until he meets a golden retriever he names Buddy who has an uncanny ability to play the game.

The movie was an enormous financial success (especially on its meager budget) and spawned a number of sequels and spin-offs, some of which starred Buddy’s puppies. America was also fascinated with the story of the real Buddy who was homeless until he was adopted by writer Kevin DiCicco

101 Dalmatians

Adventure, Comedy, Crime

One of our favorite Disney animations came to life in this live-action motion movie starring Glenn Close as villain Cruella De Vil. According to Mirror, 230 dalmatian puppies and 20 adult dalmatians all played a part at some point during the film.


Comedy, Drama, Family

“Roll over, Beethoven!” He may knock over entire dinner tables of food, jump in the family pool and cause destruction wherever he goes, but how could anyone not love this 185-pound St. Bernard? This film was so loved it went on to spawn a multitude of  spin-offs.

A Dog’s Purpose

Adventure, Comedy, Drama

A Dog’s Purpose looks like it will be one of the feel-good movies of early 2017 the whole family can enjoy, from its lovable canine characters to the inspiring story. 

There are a couple of worrying moments in this sentimental film when a grown man appears to be leaning in to snog a dog. A guy is apparently on the verge of sucking face with a dog. It really does look as if a full-on, with-tongues game of interspecies tonsil hockey with a dog is on the cards.

This is a fantasy canino-mance, based on the 2010 bestseller by W Bruce Cameron, and the dog itself keeps getting reincarnated: adorably, heartrendingly, karmically coming back as different dogs in different story segments – retriever, corgi, German shepherd etc

Megan Leavey

Biography, Drama, War

Megan Leavey is based on the true story of young, grieving, depressed Megan Leavey (Kate Mara), who enlists in the Marines and discovers her calling after she’s forced to clean out the K-9 war dog unit’s kennels. Megan badgers the unit’s commander, Gunny Martin to accept her on the dog-handling team and, after she manages to practice and earn the necessary recommendations, she gets her wish. Soon after joining,

Megan is paired with Rex, the most aggressive and unpredictable bomb-sniffing canine in the unit. After hard work and training, Megan and Rex deploy and effectively handle mission after mission in Iraq, where they meet other Marine dog handlers and dog teams, like Matt Morales (Ramon Rodriguez). But after a particularly dangerous mission ends in injury, Megan decides not to re-enlist.

She believes she’ll be allowed to formally adopt Rex, but the Marine Corps are not agreeing with that!


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