There has been a never-ending war going on between the Cats and Dogs lovers, and no one is going to surrender. However, We don’t want to squeeze ourselves between the two communities. As we all love both the animals, but on a significant level, people use to love dogs more than cats. But why it’s so?  We have both the species in their heart melting, most furred form.

Today, in this article, We are going to summing up, a few of the reasons that will explain you clearly that why do we love dogs more than cats? Are dogs better than cats?

But before moving to our central attraction topic, I need your full attention and interest so that you can understand the solid reasoning behind the diehard love for dogs.

Domestication History

If we look at the domestication history of these two purely adorable species, we come to a point where the dogs were greatly considered as the best needed companions for companionships. While on the other hand, the cats were associated with the dark past. In simple words, the dark past of their association with witches and witchery that has. But never completely left them.

Anyways, this is the domestication history of these two amazing species. But obviously, we cannot rely on the past history (domestication history) of these two adorable spices. In this article, we have come up with a few of the scientific reasons that will show you why do we love dogs more than cats?

Reasons why do we love dogs more than cats:

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Who is more affectionate?

So here comes our first point who is more affectionate dogs or cats? Well, if we look at the behaviours of the twos species we can easily differentiate that dogs show more affection than cats. The reason is dogs don’t need much training to show love as compared to cats. Cats mostly consider as the species of beauty and warmth, but not as a species that shows you more affection.

Dogs are more social:

If we analyse the pet dogs, we conclude that they can act as the social accelerators for social interactions. Moreover, in this way, they help in enhancing the feeling of well-being. The Dogs are more likely to behave friendly when you are strolling around with them as compared to cats. Cats on the other hand, when exposed to the outer world are not very much friendly when it comes to socialism. Most of the time they like to lie in their cosy bed doing nothing or sleeping or even doing silly things.

Dogs Are More Social

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Dogs keep us fit!

When we see a lazy cat who likes to lie in her cosy bed, and then we look at a dog who loves to walk, we come to a crystal clear conclusion that dogs are more likely to keep us engaged in fitness as compared to cats.

Dogs encourage us to walk. However, we all know that walking is good for our health and similarly, a great form of exercise.

Dogs are the species that keep us mentally and physically fit.”

The best partners in the kitchen:

Don’t worry if you are not a really good chief because your pet dog is likely going to help you in the best possible way. It is a dog’s nature that he loves to stick with his keeper more strongly as compared to cats. I am not saying that cats don’t show affection, but if we individually, take the word “Best Helping Partner” then dogs are no. 1 in the list. They will pretty much eat everything that you give them. Dogs unconditionally love you without the reasons, without knowing who you are and what you do.

  “Show a dog an ounce of love, he will be your best friend for life.”

Cats and dogs-who is more technologically advanced?

Image Source : Pexels

Cats and dogs-who is more technologically advanced?

Most of the cats still today like to lick crumpled tissues around the house. While on the other hand, the dogs mostly tech-savvy dogs nowadays are learning how to respond to a specific command.

For example, like dogs consider to spin and sit. But now they are mastering the art of their taking selfies as well.

However, many dog trainer companies in London are offering the dogs training for taking their selfie gently by swiping their nose on the device.

Dogs have the sixth sense:

Many kinds of dogs entitle as the dogs with a sixth sense. These are the “ictus-alert dogs” that can detect something suspicious before its happening. The dogs instantly warn the victim by using some gestures like pawing, creaking and even anxious barking.

According to Nation Graphic, they warn the victim before 10-12 hours of any attack. However, there are no such abilities that you can find in cats rather than their heart melting, sweet, silly things that use to do all day.

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Dogs- Man’s best friend, ever and forever!

You can get tired of using your smartphone. But it’s my challenge that you cannot find yourself getting tired while having your cute little puppy around you. However, from the warming childhood of a puppy or the regality of an old dog, the fantastic cannons are always the best source of complete surprises and rewards.

However, I know it can be a bit tricky and time-taking to train a puppy.  But trust me they will show more affection as compared to cats. Cats are meant to be for beauty and adorableness but not for the warmth that you can get from a dog.

  • Having a dog and growing old with him give a real friend, a loyal cannon, a loving specie in the form of a dog. The more they grow old, the more they build a stronger relationship with their keepers.
  • “I must say spending time with your dog is better than playing any Wii video game.”

So in the end, cats and dogs both have their adorableness and affection. But when it comes to love, then dogs are more deserving than cats. In short, dogs are better than cats in many ways.

Have a sweet relation with your Puppy! 🙂


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